KETTAL PUSSEL design by Xavier Mañosa




Pussel began as a game between 12-year-old Xavier and his father. Together they created a ceramic modular shape that
you could stack together mixing different colours. This game, measuring a metre and half, was mutated over time by
Mañosa, who took his references from children’s modular puzzles, where shape, colour and materials intermingle with
their various functions as lamp, vase and candle holder.
An object made in Barcelona using entirely traditional methods with painstaking detailing and finishing. Made from
high-temperature ceramic and blown glass.



Kettal Pussel by Xavier Mañosa


Xavier Mañosa





25-03-2013 12:27:48/ Eric Josephides

Very interesting. Do you have a catalogue?

25-03-2013 12:27:48/ Veranda

Give me new 2013 cataloq please.

25-03-2013 12:27:48/ SOPHIA LIVERA DAFNIA

IMPRESSIVE - Kindly send brochure, prices and delivery time.

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