Kettal fabrics offer durability, comfort, and style for outdoor and indoor furniture.

Explore the exquisite world of Kettal fabrics, where innovation meets elegance. Our premium range of fabrics for indoor and outdoor furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces. With hydrophobic technology, these fabrics impede liquids, allowing them to roll off the surface effortlessly. The solution-dyed acrylic ensures vibrant and lasting colors, while the unique composition of three shades creates a distinctive visual appeal.

Colors not pure as on earth

Color occupies a central place, which makes it a great versatility and combinations in effort. Despite the complexity of the textile’s innovative weave, it has a simple and precise expression. Terrain made of 3 threads of different colors. As in colors of the earth, no color is pure, but they are composed of different shades, textures, volumes. Terrain is composed of 3 different shades to create unique colors, with very personal nuances, original textures that cannot be found in any color chart.

Choosing the right fabric is key.

Finding the perfect fabric is like meeting the right person; it just feels right from the start. The texture, color, and pattern align, creating a harmonious bond that results in a beautiful creation.

Terrain elements

This is a range of premium fabrics for indoor and outdoor furniture. The hydrophobic technology applied works by impeding the liquids that permeate the fabric, forcing them to roll out of the fabric in the form of drops. The fabric protection that brings out the liquids allows for drops of water and oil to be eliminated during normal washing without leaving any traces. Solution-dyed acrylic; is dyed before thread is created. A liquid acrylic solution is mixed with dye and then formed into a fiber and spun on thread. Composed of different 3 shades of unique colors.

Tonale Lino & Tonale Boucle

Inspired by colors of nature, the Tonale Lino & Tonale Boucle texture gives a soft, pleasant feeling with an elegant look. The material pairs perfectly with curvilinear shapes and adapts to the outdoor environment aswell as indoor.

Parallel Fabrics

The design originated from a close look at the structure of the fabric. Bearing in mind that this new fabric would be used as screens for pavilions, Doshi Levien created a fabric that would allow light to pass through and give off a pleasing chequered shadow pattern. The same fabric is also applied in cushions for Kettal furniture.

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