Our Materials

Kettal provides a diverse range of materials, combining sophistication, durability, and innovation for their outdoor furniture.

Dive into Kettal's materials: a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship. From weather-resistant fabrics to durable metals, our curated selection redefines outdoor living with style and resilience. Each material embodies Kettal's commitment to quality, ensuring enduring comfort and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your space with Kettal Materials – where excellence meets timeless design.

Choosing the right material is crucial.

Selecting the ideal hue for your Kettal design: harmonize your space by carefully choosing colors that evoke desired emotions, reflect your style, and complement your surroundings.

Minera stones

Minera stone finish incorporates an uneven layer of medium aggregates. The low porosity combined with an elegant and simple aesthetic make, perfect for outdoor living. Featured in Giro side tables and Il Colonnato collection.


Ceramics by Kettal is a collection of high-quality ceramics that combines functionality with elegant design. Its design aims to emulate the stone with natural grain and cracks that give a more realistic finish. Kettal tabletops therefore have imitation cracks.


Kettal Marble is light and strong, thanks to its technical structure, a combination of marble, aluminium honeycomb and fibreglass. It is a natural matte carbonate stone from the metamorphosed limestone family that is outstanding for its compact texture and fine crystalline structure. This marble is highly resistant to impact, is of reduced thickness, which makes cleaning easier.


Travertine, featured in the Giro Collection by Vincent van Duysen is a testament to refined elegance and enduring sophistication. Meticulously selected for its distinctive character and natural beauty, travertine is a sedimentary rock renowned for its unique veining patterns, warm earthy tones, and inherent durability.

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