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Terrain Fabrics

Composition 100% Dyed Acrylic
Grammage (g/m2) 400
Resistant to superficial wetting 100 ISO 24920
Oil resistance 6 AATCC 118
Colour fastness to artificial weathering 7-8 blue scale (8) ISO 105-B04
Colour fastness to light 7-8 blue scale (8) ISO 105-B02
Tensile strength, warp 180 daN/5 cm ISO 13934
Tensile strength, weft 240 daN/5 cm ISO 13934
Tear resistance, warp (daN) 21.0 ISO 4674-1
Tear resistance, weft (daN) 29.0 ISO 4674-1
Abrasion resistance (Martindale) 30,000 cycles ISO 12947-2
Abrasion resistance (Wyzenbeek) 15,000 double rubs ASTM D4157
Cigarette ignition classification Class 1 NFPA 260
Material resistance to ignition without flame Pass CA TB 117

Fabrics (1/1)
291 Porousgrey
292 Limestone
289 Fog
286 Deer
287 Westsand
302 Cobblestone
301 Cyprus Umber
297 Loam
293 Charcoal
295 Artic
248 Fjord
314 Cerulean
298 Caribbean
311 Atlantic
312 Rainforest Forest
249 Lagoon
288 Cedar
313 Olive
315 Autumn
317 Summersky
303 Golden Sand
304 Flamma
299 Sunrise
305 Saffron
316 Cooper
310 Flamingo
309 Coral
308 Sandstone
Please note that colours displayed digitally may vary slightly from the actual product. Therefore, we recommend requesting samples before ordering.
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Terrain Fabrics
Design by Doshi Levien
Kettal Terrain Fabrics redefine the way you engage with outdoor living. Designed to harmonize with nature and withstand the elements, our Terrain Fabrics collection opens a world of possibilities for your outdoor spaces. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Kettal Terrain Fabrics are not just materials; they are a testament to our commitment to quality and style. These fabrics are engineered to be both resilient and beautiful, making them the perfect choice for outdoor furniture, cushions, and shade solutions.
Terrain Elements fabrics
They are also permanently water-repellent, mainly for weather protection. TerrainFabrics are finished with a fluorocarbon-free compound, which is the ideal way to achieve wearing comfort and protect the material in an environmentally friendly way. The colours and textures of Terrain Fabrics reflect a subtle blend of shades found in natural landscapes and merge into any scenery: a wellness retreat, a wild Mediterranean garden, a crystalline sea or a desert sunset. Garden and forest, sky and water, earth and stone.
Sensuous, iridescent and textured, each fabric is created using a surprising blend of colours and softness. They are available in 28 colours and are designed to combine with materials such as marble, stone, wood, rattan and coated metals.
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