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1 Canadian Cedar Front or Back Panel
1 Canadian Cedar Front or Back Panel

Low density wood specific to architecture

Western Red Cedar Thuja plicata.

Comes from British Columbia (Canada).

Complies with all legal and environmental regulation from the country of origin; the cutting of such has no ecological impact, ensuring the sustainability of the forest.

Also complies with all phyto-sanitary requirements for imports.

Due to their nature, the slats may have different tones.

The quality of this Thuya plicata is the highest and most pure.

Cedar wood contains a natural oil that gives it its characteristic appearance and a pleasant odour. The oil also serves as internal protection against ants, termites, and other agents.

Cedar wood is among the most sought-after and heavily used wood materials in construction and furniture production.

Its low density means that the wood does not deform.

Patricia Urquiola
Patricia Urquiola
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