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Tankoa S 701
S701 will still look good twenty years down the road. Tankoa S701 was created keeping in mind that the largest an owner go, the longer he will keep enjoying his yacht. Thus, the all idea behind this design was to create a vessel an owner will enjoy looking at year after year.

At almost 1,550 Gross Tons in her classic version and close to 1,650 GRT in he plum bow version, she offers all the amenities, surfaces and volumes that will allow for the outmost comfort and cruising pleasure. The five guests cabins are all on main deck for optimal quietness while the entire upper deck is devoted to the owner. With his 4.7-ton capacity touch-and-go heli-deck, he’ll be able to arrive and walk straight in his apartments. No need to say her layout, like onboard every Tankoa, can be tailored design to any request.
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