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La Mira Ra
La Mira Ra house, located in the South of France, is the fruit of a long reflection about the marriage of the wild nature of the Mediterranean and the minimalist purity of contemporary architecture - a marriage resulting in a unique architectural project. Realized between 2015 and 2017 by Pierre Minassian and his team of architects, today the house offers its inhabitants an intimate opening towards the sea. The integration of the project in its environment and their cohabitation were the two key elements in the design of the project. Located on a classified site, this private domain is under the obligation to include the use of the local stone in all its constructions. This requirement coupled with the love of the architect for the peacefulness of the raw concrete give birth to a poetic embrace of the two materials. The stone finds its place by wrapping the house from the outside so as to melt it in its rocky environment.
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