Insula, by Patricia Urquiola
Insula, by Patricia Urquiola
The Insula modular sofa is Patricia Urquiola’s updated take on the traditional seating found in Arab majlis, where community members gathered to discuss events and local matters, receive and entertain guests and friends.
It takes the form of a low, rational modular sofa in smooth shapes with a roll backrest, serving as the design focal point which accentuates the horizontal. It combines carefully balanced proportions as an architectural element that can be subtly integrated.
In function, like the original majlis, the Insula sofa’s main purpose is for socialising. Its many configurations mean it can be adapted to all types of social gatherings, both indoors and outdoors: from an office reception area, providing a relaxing workspace, to the home where you can wind down or outdoors for sunbathing and having fun..
Designed by Patricia Urquiola
Modular in design, it consists of an orthogonal aluminium base, with very smooth lines with the softest most comfortable seat cushion. The seats come in two sizes, allowing for the use of different types of backrest: individual, double, angular and so on.