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Maxx Royal Kemer Resort
Geo_ID's design concept for the Maxx Royal's Turk Restaurant is a harmonious integration of contemporary elements with traditional Turkish influences.⁠ The graceful form and color shades of anise subtly inspire some elements within the restaurant. The wood wall panels reflect anise-inspired patterns, and the color scheme is carefully chosen to mirror its enchanting hues. These touches infuse the space with an inviting and alluring atmosphere.⁠

The pool bar area offers a unique blend of contemporary design and traditional Turkish aesthetics. As you enter the area, your eyes are immediately drawn to the mesmerizing patterns adorning the ceiling. These patterns, inspired by Turkish village houses, are not merely decorative but also tell a story of architectural evolution. They are divided into different layers, skillfully interpreted through the lens of modern design.

The seafood restaurant's design harmonizes the rustic charm of traditional Turkish fish eateries with the unparalleled luxury of Maxx Royal. This fusion creates an ambiance that feels both familiar and upscale, setting the tone for a distinctive dining experience. The design embraces a predominantly white color palette, invoking a sense of endless summer. This palette not only accentuates the freshness of the seafood offerings but also evokes the luxurious ambiance that is synonymous with the Maxx Royal experience.

Project by: Geo ID
Photography by: Emre Dorter
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