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ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts
Art, artisans and the fine art of placemaking inspire this new luxury hotel featuring 114 guestrooms and suites, restaurants and a spa, informed by the simplicity and refinement of old Kyoto, nestled at the foot of the breathtakingly scenic Takagamine mountains, and divided by the eternal flow of the Tenjin River.
Situated in northern Kyoto, the Takagamine district has been a haven for artisans since time immemorial and home to some of Japan’s most sublime temples. The beauty and simplicity of Japanese culture pervades the hotel, with inspiration drawn from unlikely places: the gentle sway of bamboo in the wind, the evocative textures of handmade paper, the lustre of exquisite ceramics.
Overlooking spectacular mountain forests amid glades of bamboo, discover interiors conceived as a shared journey informed by people and place, connecting guests with culture and nature at every turn. Guests might imagine themselves as foreign artists living in a Japanese home, amidst authentic artworks and furniture pieces steeped in old Kyoto but selected with contemporary sensibility.
Expect interiors that complement the natural environment, suffused with warm earthy tones and accents inspired by traditional Japanese colours. A recurring theme and the showpiece in each guestroom is a stunning example of Karakami, the exquisite woodblock patterns printed on delicate washi paper, which reached its apotheosis in old Kyoto.

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