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Six Senses Rome
The interior project designed by Patricia Urquiola for Six Senses Rome places an emphasis on the well-being of the guests. A harmonious connection with nature infuses all spaces, from communal areas to bedrooms, in both evocative references and the well-chosen use of materials, consistent with the location and with the Six Senses ethos. Urquiola translates the brand’s philosophy – a focus on well-being, a sense of conviviality, and a commitment to sustainable design – into a project that develops the concept from the genius loci. The craftsmanship, the finishes, the materials, and the graphics create a union with nature while staying true to both Roman classicism and Palazzo Salviati Cesi Mellini’s rich history.

Interior Design and description: Patricia Urquiola
Photo credits: John Athimaritis Photography / Luca Rotondo
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