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Kettal presents Office Pavilions

Kettal’s Office Pavilions are a flexible alternative designed to create dynamic workplaces.


Kiosk Pavilion


The idea behind Kettal’s Office Pavilions is to give shape to big, open spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Parks, squares, cafés, libraries, hotel lobbies, trains.... offices..



Coworking pavilion


These Office Pavilions are made up of movable walls capable of creating secluded rooms to optimise the acoustics in open-plan office spaces.


Office meeting room pavilion


The wide array of colour and material finishes for walls and ceilings, including aluminium, wood, fabric and glass, as well as the integrated automation feature, makes this product as personalised as they come.

1800_0_kettal_bike_pavilion.jpgBike Parking Pavilion



Kettal Conference Room pavilion


Orgatec: from 23 to 27 October, 2018. Cologne

Hall 11.2 Stand B011


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