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1 kanadisches Zedernholz-Front- oder -Rückenpaneel
1 kanadisches Zedernholz-Front- oder -Rückenpaneel

Low density wood specific to architecture

Western Red Cedar Thuja plicata.

Comes from British Columbia (Canada).

Complies with all legal and environmental regulation from the country of origin; the cutting of such has no ecological impact, ensuring the sustainability of the forest.

Also complies with all phyto-sanitary requirements for imports.

Due to their nature, the slats may have different tones.

The quality of this Thuya plicata is the highest and most pure.

Cedar wood contains a natural oil that gives it its characteristic appearance and a pleasant odour. The oil also serves as internal protection against ants, termites, and other agents.

Cedar wood is among the most sought-after and heavily used wood materials in construction and furniture production.

Its low density means that the wood does not deform.

Patricia Urquiola
Patricia Urquiola
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