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Cozy Hues Duplex

It´s about time tones ceased to be perceived as masculine or feminine. Color charts should not be concerned with gender, even if this is fluid or nonbinary. Colors, instead, may be regarded as the visual equivalent to warmth, especially when the primary goal is more that of achieving a homy feeling than a specific temperature.
Property developers around the world shy away from color as if it were the plague, guessing that a yellow wall, for instance, will turn off some potential buyers, while assuming at the same time, that a rather neutral and light-colored tiling, on the other hand, will appeal to everyone. At this stage, there´s no time or real desire in understanding individual chromatic fetishes, for we all know firsthand, that color preferences refuse to fit in with consumer profiles, market niches or even the most detailed segmentation of audiences and that, in the end, it is true that every master has its own trick or its own Pantone chart. Perhaps for this reason, we have grown accustomed to selecting homes as we choose underwear: mostly in various shades of white, a few black items and some other in color, just for the very special occasions.
Real State websites, therefore, seem more like a page from a catalogue of igloo´s with parkette flooring than a listing of homes located anywhere outside of Greenland. And since at Egue y Seta we´ve had clients of every walk of life and various origins but never an Inuit that we know of, it happens that we approach the design of new homes with the primary goal (and joy) of infusing vibrance and color into our clients everyday life.
Color splashing the walls from the very moment you enter the place, but also color when you leave the corridor. Painted and natural color. Color at the entrance and at the exit. Upstairs and downstairs; in the room and on the terrace. Color on the cabinet door and inside. Color, where it fits and colors when they may add an extra layer of meaning. Your true colors!

Project by Egue y Seta
Photography: Victor Hugo Antón
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