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Joali Being
Joali Being is a brand new five star nature-immersive wellness resort, the first of its kind in the Maldives. Located on the secluded natural island of Bodufushi in the Raa Atoll, the retreat aims to combine boundless luxury with a natural approach, and is based around a philosophy of ‘weightlessness’. The resort's design was to emerge from this idea of weightlessness and offer transformative and purifying stay through the shedding of all unnecessary excess, reconnecting with one’s self and one’s surroundings, and becoming one with nature.

For Joali Being, Autoban constructed an experiential design narrative around a combination of the identity of the island, the concept and philosophy of the wellness retreat and a seamless integration of architecture and interior design. Applying biophilic principles through our signature layered design approach, we set nature at the very core of the design, emphasizing detail and materiality in order to create multi-sensory interactions. All structural elements were designed in order to achieve a sense of lightness, with linear and flowing architecture that seems to hover lightly in place, at once a part of the natural environment whilst simultaneously floating lightly above it. Within all areas, we used forms, patterns and textures to mimic configurations of nature along with sumptuous surfaces and delicate touches to evoke the spirit of the island and to create natural, welcoming and warm spaces. As with every Autoban design, an overarching approach ensures that all external and internal spaces work in harmony to contribute to a distinct design story. Carefully selected personalized details create an authentic and enchanting experience.

Interior Design and description: Autoban
Photo credits: Kerem Şanlıman
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