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Kettal Marble is light and strong, thanks to its technical structure, a combination of marble, aluminium honeycomb and fibreglass. It is a natural matte carbonate stone from the metamorphosed limestone family that is outstanding for its compact texture and fine crystalline structure. This marble is highly resistant to impact, is of reduced thickness, which makes cleaning easier.

Kettal utilizes a unique marble in crafting its outdoor furniture, characterized by its lightweight nature and an innovative honeycomb structure embedded within. This specialized design not only enhances the overall lightness of the furniture but also ensures a sturdy and resilient composition. The marble's distinctive honeycomb interior reflects Kettal's commitment to blending aesthetics with advanced engineering, providing you with outdoor furnishings that effortlessly combine elegance and practicality.

Marble (1/1)
N00 Marble
Please note that colours displayed digitally may vary slightly from the actual product. Therefore, we recommend requesting samples before ordering.
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Clean only with a soft cloth, warm water, and pH neutral detergent. Do not use: acids, ammonia, abrasive powders, window cleaners and so on. Any substance with an acid pH will damage marble: lemon juice, wine, etc. Marble is treated with a waterproof sealant to protect it from damp and stains (as long as they are cleaned immediately); however, this sealant naturally wears off over time. We recommend treating the marble with sealant every three months, more frequently in the case of hotel and catering establishments. Learn more about the Marble cleaning process .


As this material is made using a semi-handcrafted process, the following characteristics may occur:
Pitted texture

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