Kode System, Pavilion H
Kode System, Pavilion H
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Kode turns Pavilion H into a smart home controlled via smartphone from kilometres away or from the sofa: with it you can adjust the ceiling opening, control the lights, temperature and ventilation, and even open and close the blinds. Pavilion H is now a smart connected pavilion.

The Kode app was designed to bring together mobility and intelligence in one parallel action. Owners of Kettal’s Pavilion H can now control a number of functions.
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Inspired by the rationalism of the German industrial designer Dieter Rams, Kode is a minimalist home automation app. Its discrete concept, analogous to a remote control, is designed with stylised, elegant action elements, with basic functions for the correct use of the pavilion and other features.

The new Kode app from Kettal combines technology, architecture and design in one.
Adjust the ceiling opening and closing
Control all the lighting