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Premium Woods for Kettal Workplace Furniture

Discover the essence of elegance and durability with Kettal's Workplace collection, featuring the finest woods - Ash and Oak.

Ash Wood: Clean Lines, Timeless Appeal

Elevate your workspace with the understated beauty of Ash wood. Known for its straight grain and versatility, Ash brings a contemporary touch while ensuring long-lasting quality.

Oak Wood: Timeless Beauty, Lasting Strength

Embrace the timeless beauty and strength of Oak in our Workplace collection. Rich grain patterns create a warm, inviting atmosphere, making Oak an enduring choice for a productive office environment.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Our artisans masterfully craft each piece, showcasing the inherent beauty of Ash and Oak. The result is functional art that exceeds the expectations of the modern workplace.


Grain Straight / medium size

Texture Slightly sanded surface

Monnin Hardness 5.1 (Oak) / 4.2 (Ash)

Coeff. volumetric shrinkage 0,43% (Oak) / 13,4% (Ash)

Total tangential shrinkage 10,5% (Oak) / 7,8% (Ash)

Total radial shrinkage 5,6% (Oak) / 4,8% (Ash)

TS/RS ratio 1,9 / 1,6

Strength (Compressive) Perpendicular / Parallel (Oak: 7.8 / 43 MPa; Ash: 10.8 / 51 MPa)

Modulus of elasticity Between 6670 - 16000 MPa (Oak) / 12000 MPa (Ash)

Wood (1/1)
1 Natural Oak
2 Burnt Oak
3 Natural Ash
4 Burnt Ash
Please note that colours displayed digitally may vary slightly from the actual product. Therefore, we recommend requesting samples before ordering.
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