‘Cala’ is a high backed armchair inspired by the iconic Emanuelle. The chair has a majestic spatial pr esence with transparent and light surfaces. The open weave of the rope provides a latticed window for visual privacy while maintaining a connection to the natural elements. ‘Cala’ may be used for outdoor dining as well as a chair to lounge in. The wide selection of met al coatings, rope colours and cushion fabrics offer many possibilities to tailor the identity of the chair to suit different projects.

The interior designer Phanellie Mignot has redesigned the reception area, the entrances, created a mixed gym with a meeting room and the cafeteria on the ground floor of the EQWATER building for the DEKA Immobilien group in Issy les Moulineaux, France. No more cold and impersonal spaces where one is content to pass. The agency instilled a tropical, warm and welcoming atmosphere that allows users to appropriate these hybrid places throughout the day. The pretty Baskets seats have naturally found their place here.

Photographer: SeignetteLafontan
Interior designer: Agence Ph.Mignot Architect
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