Our paints

Exceptional exterior durability, gloss retention, and color stability.

Electrostatic powder coating process applied. This paint mixes a specific resin that offers greater hardness compared to the paints used in architecture. Terrain Paints are designed to coat aluminium profiles used in architecture and for other substrates where the maximum resistance to the outdoors is needed. This is a powder coating formulated with polyester resins and free of TGIC, pigments, and additives. These provide excellent exterior durability with very good gloss retention and colour stability.

The process

The polymerisation process is carried out at low temperatures to optimise energy consumption at the time of application. We are able to reduce the environmental impact of production by implementing low temperature polymerisation and improving energy efficiency. 100 % Polyester powder free of TGIC and Heavy metals.

Choosing the right paint

Selecting the ideal hue for your Kettal design: harmonize your space by carefully choosing colors that evoke desired emotions, reflect your style, and complement your surroundings.

Terrain paints

Discover the artistry of Kettal's Terrain Paints, a collaboration with Doshi Levien. Designed to elevate outdoor aesthetics, these paints seamlessly merge innovation with nature-inspired charm. The palette, curated with precision, mirrors the beauty of landscapes, offering a spectrum of earthy tones and organic textures. Crafted for durability, these paints withstand the elements, ensuring timeless appeal for your outdoor spaces. Doshi Levien's design touch brings a harmonious balance, transforming your terrace, garden, or patio into a captivating canvas of style. Immerse yourself in the outdoor living experience, where design excellence meets quality craftsmanship, inviting you to create an alfresco haven that reflects your individual style and endures the test of time.>

Glaze paints

An exclusive paint finish that replicates the aesthetic qualities and feeling of warmth offered by ceramics. As a result of its technical properties, Glaze also delivers the same level of durability and quality provided by aluminium coatings.

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