Indulge in the timeless sophistication of Kettal's ceramic offerings, exemplified by the exquisite Ceppo di Gre and Gris du Gent collections. These premium ceramic materials redefine outdoor aesthetics, seamlessly marrying elegance with functionality.

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General Guarantee

All Products are guaranteed for a period of five (5) years for domestic use and two (2) years for non-domestic use in normal conditions of use and maintenance, except lamps, batteries, cushions, covers, and fabrics. Lamps have a guarantee of two (2) years for domestic use and one (1) year for non-domestic use, except consumables and batteries. This guarantee does not apply to faults or imperfections resulting from the passage of time or normal wear and tear (changes in wood texture, fading or change in shade of colors, chips, scratches, etc.). For pavilions and pergolas, KETTAL does not guarantee the Product if it is not properly anchored.

Kettal maintenance

Daily cleaning
For daily cleaning, avoid the use of waxes, oily soaps, fulminic products, and various treatments (water-repellent and oleophobic) on the porcelain product, as the application of this is unnecessary. As is often the case with some detergents on the market, these contain waxes or polishing additives that, after several washes, can leave a bright sheen on the screed. Sometimes, a single drop of a drink such as Coca Cola, water, wine, etc. may be enough to eliminate this sheen, restoring the original appearance of the tile and creating a stain effect in some areas. In these cases, first remove the wax using the wax removers for the waxes applied. In the case of sheen created by soap, lime, and dirt, however, use an acid detergent diluted in water. It should be noted that hydrofluoric acid (HF) and its derivatives can irreparably damage porcelain tile. For ordinary cleaning, we recommend using bleach and ammonia, properly diluted in water. For porcelain with a polished surface, we suggest drying the screed in order to avoid visible rings.

Special cleaning
For individual and/or especially resistant stains, we suggest using specific detergents. Furthermore, do not forget that it is easier to remove any type of stain when it is still fresh. It is important to always do a preliminary test before using detergent products, especially on lapped or polished porcelain.

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