Discover the epitome of sophistication in outdoor design with Kettal's exquisite range of stone materials—Minera Stones, Marble, and Travertine. These exceptional materials redefine the concept of luxury, bringing a harmonious blend of natural beauty and durability to your outdoor spaces.

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General Guarantee

All Products are guaranteed for a period of five (5) years for domestic use and two (2) years for non-domestic use in normal conditions of use and maintenance, except lamps, batteries, cushions, covers, and fabrics. Lamps have a guarantee of two (2) years for domestic use and one (1) year for non-domestic use, except consumables and batteries. This guarantee does not apply to faults or imperfections resulting from the passage of time or normal wear and tear (changes in wood texture, fading or change in shade of colors, chips, scratches, etc.). For pavilions and pergolas, KETTAL does not guarantee the Product if it is not properly anchored.

Kettal maintenance

Clean only with a soft cloth, warm water and pH neutral detergent. Do not use: acids, ammonia, abrasive powders, window cleaners and so on. Any substance with an acid pH will damage the stone: lemon juice, wine, etc.

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