Kode System, Superfan
Kode System, Superfan
Discover the Kode System
Experience a new level of personalized comfort with the Superfan by Michael Anastassiades for Kettal. Designed to seamlessly blend into any indoor or outdoor space, the Superfan offers a perfect fusion of style and functionality.

With over 30 vibrant colors to choose from, customization has never been easier. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a pop of color to brighten your surroundings, the Superfan allows you to tailor your ventilation solution to suit your unique aesthetic preferences.

Equipped with two versatile versions—one with a stem and one without—the Superfan effortlessly complements any design scheme, providing both form and function wherever it’s placed.
Control your Superfan from anywhere
Engineered for durability, the Superfan boasts an impressive IP65 rating, ensuring optimal performance even in outdoor environments. With six adjustable speeds and a convenient reverse mode, you can easily control airflow to suit your comfort needs throughout the year.

Enhancing the user experience further, the Superfan is compatible with both remote control and the advanced Kode system developed by Kettal. Whether you’re at home or on the go, managing your ventilation settings has never been more effortless.
Adjust the blade direction
Speed control